119 Oleander Drive, Clayton, NC (919) 553-8888

Tavern 42

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chefs choice listed below, or your choice of Wrap, Sourdough, 

Italian bread, Rye

Comes with our homemade chips or coleslaw

Pork & Beef

Bacon Boy

crispy thick cut bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo on grilled sourdough 7

Uncle Joey

filet mignon, peppers, mushrooms, onions & sharp provolone

 on italian bread 13.5

Jersey Boardwalk

Italian sausage, red and green peppers, onions &

sharp provolone on italian bread 8.5

Classic Reuben

boars head corned beef, swiss, kraut, thousand island on thick rye 9

The Hoosier
pounded out thin pork tenderloin breaded & fried, lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onions & mayo on potato bun 10

Johnny D
boars head roast beef, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella & light pesto on garlic Italian bread 10

The Godfather

ham, salami, prosciutto, hot capicola, roni, lettuce, tomato, red onion, oregano, oil, vinegar, fresh mozzarella or sharp provolone on italian 10

Pulled Pork Sandwich 

pork butt, served with T42 bbq sauce or carolina vinegar bbq sauce on potato bun 9

Chicken & Turkey

Louisiana Chicken

panko crusted chicken breast, spinach & onions, cheddar jack pimento cheese on grilled sourdough 9

Chicken Philly

chicken breast, peppers, mushrooms, onions

& white american on italian bread 9

Blackened Chicken

chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, bacon, pepper jack cheese & chipotle aioli on italian bread 9

Smokey Joe

 turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pepper jack, honey mustard on wrap 9

The Tomasso 

breaded fried chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar jack & ranch on wrap 9

Chicken Salad 

homemade chicken salad, lettuce & tomato on wrap 8

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

breaded breast tossed in buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomato, mozzarella & ranch or bleu cheese on a wrap 9

Tomato Basil Chicken

grilled chicken breast topped with tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella & drizzled with balsamic glaze on Italian bread 10


The Boss

grilled portabella mushroom, eggplant, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, spinach, tomato, olive oil & balsamic glaze on Italian bread 10

Grilled Veggie Wrap
spinach, grilled zucchini & squash, red onions, portobello mushroom, roasted red peppers, avocado & bistro sauce 10

Portobello Shroom Burger 

grilled portobello, sauteed onions, avocado, roasted red peppers, 

seasoned low fat yogurt sauce on potato bun 8


Salmon BLT Wrap

grilled or blackened salmon, bacon, lettuce, tomato 

& spicy cilantro aioli 10

Buffalo Shrimp Wrap

breaded shrimp tossed in buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mozzarella & ranch or bleu cheese on a wrap 10